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Young People
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S4 to S6 The much more mature(!) teenagers (S4-S6) join Youth Fellowship and get to meet on a Sunday evening at 8pm and lounge about on sofas and chill out getting to know the bible better and figuring out how it fits in with their complex teenage lives - they even have fun around exam times.  They have a social calendar too and sometimes join in with Baseline events.

P7 to S3  If you’re in P7-S3 you get to join our Baseline group who meet on a Sunday morning.  After attending the first part of the main worship (which is for all ages) you’re invited out to Baseline.  There, you’ll have snack, games and enjoy more challenging activities.  You’ll also be invited to some Saturday night social events which many find are easy to invite friends along to, but, they are of course welcome to try a Sunday morning too!

Useful links                                                 SU holidays and weekends

SU events eg the Big One (P4-7)

And Powerpoint (S1-6)