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Learning and growing

Right from the first, followers of Jesus were known as ‘disciples’. He called them, as He calls us, to a whole new way of living, in which they and we learn to live life to the full.

Christians are, almost by definition, simply ‘learners’.

We make a load of mistakes, sure, but there’s Someone right there with us Who’s helping us become ‘mobile’ in a way we’ve never known before!

Sunday worship provides a vital starting point for our learning: the Bible is read, explained and applied to our lives – and in the process we get a feel for how to read and learn from it on a regular basis ourselves.

The various small groups, too, are a helpful context in which to grow in our faith. It’s great to be able to ask our nagging questions, tackle our thorny issues, and face our pressing problems, in the company of others – and with an open Bible before us!

We run various time-bound courses periodically as well.  These range from basic introductory courses on what it’s all about, through sustained instruction on themes and books of the Bible, to some very practical teaching on vital areas of our living.

And, of course, this is all geared to getting us more and more mobile! Becoming like Jesus, living for Jesus, and sharing the good news about Jesus.

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