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1. Hang out with friends who’ve got to know Jesus for themselves. Quiz them about their faith, watch them in the way they live their lives, and listen to their stories. They won’t have all the answers: but they’ll help make the introductions.
2. Do a basic ‘background check’. There’s a whole library’s worth of material about the Lord, which has all been conveniently gathered together. Look through some of the ‘introductory’ books of the Bible ('Mark', or 'Luke', for instance): you may be seeking Him – but you’ll soon discover that He is seeking (and speaking to) you!
3. Choose to live dangerously! Take a first step towards 'faith' by risking at least some trust in the God whom others have found thoroughly reliable. Be big enough to say ‘Sorry’ for things in your life that have been wrong: be bold enough to tell the Lord where you’re at: be smart enough to see that he may have things he’s wanting to say to you: and be wise enough to ask him for what you need.
4. Take the first small step of faith. Infants learn to walk by being prepared to stumble and fall. Resolve to learn life from Jesus – become familiar with his ways, involved with his work, and immersed in his cause – and through that very commitment you’ll certainly get to know him!