1 Quality Street
Davidson's Mains


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Our Vision and Priorities

We exist to - proclaim Jesus, foster wholeness and serve others

We aim to be


centred on Jesus: we see God growing a church here where Jesus is central to everything. We aim thus to help people to know Jesus and, in knowing him, to submit their lives to him and to become more and more like him.
building community: we see God growing a church here where his desire to bring people together is fully realised. We aim thus to create genuine community, recognising the diverse backgrounds and circumstances which people have, and cultivating the satisfying relationships through which they’ll belong
sharing good news: we see God growing a church here where his boundless love for the world is embodied in the lives of his people. We aim thus to bring and be good news to our families, friends and neighbours, submitted to the Spirit’s leading and prepared to think outside the box, move outside our walls, and step outside our comfort zones.
shaped by the Bible: we see God growing a church here where the Bible is foundational to our living and formative of a radical lifestyle. We aim thus to be a people among whom the Bible is consistently being explained and applied to all aspects of our lives in a clear, contemporary and comprehensive way.
people-friendly: we see God growing a church here where each person is recognised as the unique individual they are under God, with needs to be met and gifts to be used. We aim thus to affirm the significance of each individual, not least in terms of the welcome, support and involvement they are given.
servant leadership: we see God growing a church here whose resources (of people, premises and wealth) and resourcefulness inspire, enable and encourage the whole people of God, in this land and beyond. We aim thus to exercise a significant ministry in the wider church, demonstrating a servant attitude, a global perspective and a sacrificial commitment