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The leadership team of the congregation is called the Kirk Session.

Their main role is that of prayerfully figuring out together what God's vision for his people here is:  and then getting that vision across.

There are 18 people on that leadership team but alongside them there are obviously many others involved in one form of leadership or another.

Central to our leadership is, of course, the Lord Himself.

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Leadership Team

Flora Johnston is a member of the Kirk Session and editor of The Big Picture. She also loves being part of the Women's Bible Study Group which meets on a Wednesday morning. Flora is a freelance writer and researcher specialising in Scotland's history and culture, and lives with her husband David and two children.

Flora Johnston

Bertie Allen is a member of the Kirk Session and is Congregational Roll Keeper. He and Hazel enjoy living within 10 minutes' walk of their two young grandchildren. As a chartered town planner, Bertie maintains a keen interest in architecture, building development and environmental matters. When not confronting a computer, cycling and photography provide some relaxation.  

Bertie Allen

Alan Campbell is the Ministry Area Leader for Discipleship. Recently retired, Alan formerly worked at the Scottish Bible Society where he continues to serve as honorary chaplain. He is married to Barbara, has

Alan Campbell


Rachel Milburn is a member of the Kirk Session.  She also enjoys being part of the Explorers team on a Sunday morning.  She works as a Modern Languages teacher and lives in Cramond with her husband Andrew and their 4 children.

Rachel Milburn

Donald Campbell

Ken Dickson

Allan McCulloch Session Clerk

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Daniel Robertson


Ann Nelson is the ministry area leader for Evangelism. A lawyer by profession, she works for the Scottish Government, these days in Housing and Regeneration. She was previously Solicitor and Secretary to the Fingerprint Inquiry. When not working, she enjoys sitting by her pond. Ann spent her early years in Galloway, is married to Fred, and they have three sons who grew up in DMPC.

Ann Nelson


Fred Nelson is the ministry area leader for Administration, and is a Baseline leader with 13 to 15 years olds. Fred and Ann have been at DMPC since 1982. Fred is a chartered electrical engineer and works for international consulting engineers, Atkins. He was a canoeist for many years but nowadays is more likely to be seen on a bicycle. He and Ann have recently become grandparents.

Fred Nelson


Michael has belonged to DMPC since he was 8 years old and has been involved in various areas of ministry in the life of the congregation.  He now heads up the Children's and Youth ministry with his wife Brenda.  Michael works in the financial services industry currently focusing on corporate and social responsibility issues.

Michael Duncan


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Gail Rose

Development Ministries

Graeme Small is a member of the Kirk Session, and currently serves as Presbytery Elder where he is Vice Convenor of the Presbytery Property Committee. Although happily retired for some years, Graeme continues as a Director of the Association for the Relief of Incurables in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. He is married with a grown up family.

Graeme Small

Susan McNarry

Margaret Stewart is ministry area leader for Nurture. She grew up in Troon, and is married to Alastair. At their wedding, her minister said they were going as missionaries to the East! They have worshipped here since arriving in Edinburgh in 1965. Their two children were brought up in DMPC but have long since flown the nest.

Margaret Stewart


Claire Sunter is a member of the Kirk Session and is one of our 'Giving Stewards'. She also enjoys helping to run our Easter Holiday Club each year. She is married with two children, and works in Early Years Education.

Claire Sunter

Nicky Donald is a member of the Kirk Session and enjoys volunteering at the Sycamore Tree.  She is also a team member at the Holiday Club and leads the nurture group for young adults. She works in community economic development, is married to Alistair and has 3 grown-up sons.

Nicky Donald

Brenda Duncan