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Davidson's Mains



Forthcoming events


Community engagement

Special services

Church family

January 2017  

1st All age service 10.30 am & no evening service

8th Communion 6.30pm

11th (Wed) Communion 12.30pm

22nd Communion 10.30

10th Kirk Session
February 2017  

5th Communion 6.30


12th Sunday Club during morning service

14th Kirk Session

March 2017  

3rd World Day of Prayer 7.30pm - venue tba

5th Communion 6.30pm

8th (Wed) Communion 12.30

7th Kirk Session

Annual meeting of the congregation - date tbc

April 2017

 3rd - 7th Easter Holiday Club

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 9th Palm Sunday all age service

Holy Week services tba

Easter Sunday all age service 10.30 am

 18th Kirk Session
 May 2017


Parenting teenagers

17th May and 31st May

26th TGIF

 7th Communion 6.30pm tbc

10th Communion 12.30pm

6th Spring Work Day

 9th Kirk Session

 June 2017


Parenting teenagers

7th, 21st and 28th June

17th Davidson's Mains Gala

30th TGIF

 4th Communion 10.30am

25th All Age Service

25th Communion 6.30pm

6th Kirk Session

 24th and 25th Giving Weekend

 July 2017


28th TGIF

 Sunday Club on Sunday mornings throughout July

12th Communion 12.30pm

 August 2017


Holiday at Home is on the 9th and 10th

25th TGIF

 6th and 13th - Sunday Club

20th - Explorers, YF and Baseline resume

 'Praying with' training

  24th and 31st

 September 2017


27th ALPHA Course launch evening (on for 11 weeks after that)

29th TGIF


10th Communion 6.30pm

 13th Communion 12.30pm

1st to 3rd September Church Weekend at Lendrick Muir

3rd No Evening Service

12th Kirk Session

'Praying with' training

  7th and 14th

 October 2017


4th, 11th, 25th ALPHA 

27th TGIF


8th Communion 6.30pm

8th Harvest Thanksgiving

29th Communion 10.30am


 Autumn Work Day

7th October


 November 2017


1st, 8th,15th, 22nd & 29th ALPHA Course

11th - Crafts for Christmas - forerunner to Holly morning (10am-1pm)

24th TGIF

5th Communion 6.30pm

 8th Communion 12.30pm

12th Remembrance Sunday

19th Bereavement Service 2.30pm



 December 2017


6th, 13th & 20th

ALPHA Course

16th Holly Morning

22nd TGIF


17th 10.30am Nativity

17th Carols by Candlelight 7pm

24th 10.30am All Age Service

24th 6pm Children's/family Service

11.30pm Watchnight Service

25th 10.30am The Birthday Party

31st 10.30am All Age Service

 3rd Tear Fund Concert 6.30pm